We are here to help

our community


National Community Services is a private non-profit organization created for the inclusion of the population in a learning environment designed to help the community by targeting different social areas (migratory, health, education, culture and sports themes); we have a transversal axis based on the knowledge and recognition of Human Rights for their appropriation and defense, in order to get our community to build fair coexistence models based on the trust that the community has in them.


Our goal is to help people and train them in different areas of knowledge in accordance with the principles of social responsibility in order to improve the quality of life of our communities.


Our mission is to bring people and institutions that are interested in helping, having the firm conviction that if we all work together things can be better. It is in this way that today we have an excellent interdisciplinary group highly committed to the development of quality programs and willing to give their best, to learn from this experience and keep improving for the benefit of the community.


Honesty – Commitment – Solidarity.