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National Community Services breaking down barriers: GoFundMe Jorge H. Garcia Coronel.

National Community Services breaking Barriers we invite you to the great humanitarian campaign with our compatriot brother Jorge H. Garcia Coronel. Link: GoFundMe Jorge H. Garcia Coronel 

Proecuador, Tulum Project.

National Community Services was recognized yesterday as Ambassador of Ecuador's products in Miami. Thanks to Proecuador, the Consulate of Ecuador in Miami and their distinguished representatives for the invitation to this great "Project Tulum" Event.

First Annual NFC Isles of Oasis Clubhouse Easter Egg Hunt Celebration with National Community Services.

National Community Services celebrating the Easter egg hunt, for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Work and dedication for our entire community

For National Community Services it is a privilege to be able to collaborate in the solution of all the needs that our community presents.

Recognition event for National Community Services.

An immense gratitude to His Excellency Doctor Don Otto Federico Von Feigenblatt Rojas, Rector of the Catholic University of New Spain and Regional Delegate of the Royal Spanish Naval League and Miami Dade Collage.

National Community Services sharing with our fellow teachers from the State University of Quevedo.

On April 18, 2019, National Community Services had the honor of sharing with our fellow teachers from the State University of Quevedo.

Recruitment event.

Services of the national community. Empowering our community.