National Community Services breaking down barriers: GoFundMe Jorge H. Garcia Coronel.

National Community Services breaking Barriers we invite you to the great humanitarian campaign with our compatriot brother Jorge H. Garcia Coronel. Link: GoFundMe Jorge H. Garcia Coronel 

Be part of this help today for my tomorrow for you. In this story we present the life of an Ecuadorian compatriot brother is Jorge Garcia, 34 years old, born on January 15, 1985, who suffered an accident 4 years ago and unfortunately due to a medical malpractice he lost his left leg, he worked as a teacher and musician but because of his disability he began to be discriminated against, in the school where he served as tutor of some chairs and in the musical groups in which he participated. Your main goal is to get a new prosthesis since the one you are currently using is completely deteriorated and is seriously affecting your health in the amputated part of your leg, in order to work as your family depends directly on it, National Community Services Inc Knowing the great human quality of Latinos and Ecuadorians, we allow ourselves to ask for your donations:

Bank: Chase
Name: National Community Services Inc.
Cuneta N.- 235163133

National Community Services is collaborating with a large part of its migratory situation, housing and food, but the excessive expenses in mobilization, medication and rehabilitation have allowed us to require this aid to this humanitarian campaign


Be part of this great humanitarian work where National Community Services Inc. breaking barriers will serve as an example and improvement for our entire Latino community.