Delivery of toys at the "Abdon Calderon Muñoz" School in La Clemencia, Olmedo, Manabi Province, Ecuador

Gratitude, like certain flowers, does not occur in height and better greening in the good soil of the humble.

National Community Services Inc. wants to give infinite thanks to those who at this time support us and are part of this noble cause now in ECUADOR.

Acknowledgments to school leaders and Canton authorities.

This was done on December 25, 2018.
• Director Margarita Elizabeth Mera Pifil.
• Jacinto Rene Zamora Macías.
• Yolanda Filomena Vargas Mera.

Representative of the Olmedo Canton Mayor's Office
• William Zamora.
• Representatives of parents of the school.

Thank you for being a part of this Great NCS Project.

Triunfense Poetry Contest, sponsored by NCS

07/12/2017 -   This november 2017 we will sponsor this beautiful culture iniciative among ecuadorians students. 

Triunfense Poetry Contest

11/17/2017  -   The Frente de Juventudes de CD El Triunfo will present this show working along with National Community Services. The best three will be awarded with cash.

Auditorio of the Central Cantonal CD E l Triunfo (Antigua Academia Clementina Espinoza).

DACA renovations and other immigration forms

11/16/2017 - NCS working in Florida City along with the Centro Campesino, helping our community filling DACA renovations and other immigration forms.